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Explore a village on the edge of ruin, collect funds to save it and meet someone very unexpected... Featuring custom character creation, lovely cinematics and a short, casual adventure.

This game was made in 2 weeks for the Unexpected Game Jam 2020.

I made everything in this jam except for the camera controller script (the character controller is mine, though) and the font.


  • WASD for movement
  • 'C' crawls
  • 'E' interacts when prompted
  • RMB can turn the camera
  • Shift runs
  • Esc exits the game


Update 9-14: Fixed hard collisions with walls causing camera to jump, as well as several failing animation triggers, dialogue issues and money counter not showing up. Dialogue still has some issues, but that's a bug fix for another day. 

Update 9-17: Fixed collision issues and changed some content based on feedback. Camera controller should be better now, too, with tighter controls. Thanks everyone for your awesome input. Cheers, all!


Thusly Named.zip 113 MB


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Awesome, thank you for playing!